About Rich's waste collection and disposal

At Rich's Rubbish Removals, we take a different approach to your waste. Instead of providing you with a skip and expecting you to do all the heavy lifting, we personally load all your waste and dispose of it in the most environmetally conscious way possible..

As registered waste carriers since 1990, we could see a need for people to have their rubbish and recycleable waste removed in a helpful way. The Local council provides Minimal services for larger items, such as furnishings or bluk garden waste when people give there homes a make over.
Skips are costly and require Licences and space which you have to load when you hire the skip.
Our concept was to provide the man power to load our own transport and do away with the inconvienience of skip location and the problems these can often cause.

Great value waste collection and disposal:

  • We guarantee to be cheaper than ANY skip hire company
  • We collect from you, leaving no nasty skip marks on your driveway
  • We personally load all your waste into our vehicles
  • Your rubbish is our full responsibilty once it leaves your property
  • We use transfer stations, stopping the use of landfill for greener waste management

What we collect for you?

  • Domestic Home Clearances
  • Household and Garden Waste
  • Large items and furniture
  • Commercial waste collection
  • Metal work and Electrical products
  • Masonry, Slabs and Bricks